Managing a Small Parcel for Wood & Wildlife – Workshop

Managing a Small Parcel for Wood and Wildlife, back by popular demand!

Saturday, April 22nd in Temple Maine, from 9 a.m. to noon

 The April event of the Upper Kennebec Valley chapter of the Maine Woodlands will be held at the woodlot of Chuck Hulsey in Temple.  Chuck is a regional wildlife biologist with the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (and a forester) and has been managing this wooded nine-acre home site very intensively for the past 18 years.  His focus has been wildlife, aesthetics, and timber. The property was part of a much larger parcel which was once a field but planted to red pine in 1962.  The previous owner conducted a light thinning in 1982.

Part of the property had a significant amount of hardwood volunteer into the area planted to red pine.  Most is firewood quality, though some is of high quality.  Chuck will cover what to cut for the woodstove, and what should be retained for high quality saw timber in both the near and long term. You’ll learn the difference between a weeding, a thinning, and a regeneration cut.

We will also see and discuss cavity and snag tree management for wildlife, plus the management for future hard mast trees. There will be examples of techniques for propagation of natural cavities and snags, as well as the use of nest boxes. Nearly 60 species of wildlife in Maine need snags or cavity trees.

 BONUS!!! There might be prizes, there was last year!

Directions:     From Farmington—Take Rt. 43 to Temple.  Go just past the Temple Town Office (brown shingles) located on the right, then turn left on the Varnum Pond Road.  The home and property is on the right, 1.9 miles after the turn onto the Varnum Pond Road.  Because there is not enough room to park in the driveway, park on the right side of the road, starting at the driveway.  There are four mailboxes opposite the driveway which are in sequence: green, blue, black, and black.  Number 391 is on the green mailbox.  There will be a SWOAM sign marking the starting point to start parking.  Parking should be on the right side of the road only.  Use the driveway only to turn around. There is also a bus turnout 100 yards on the left before the mailboxes which is useful for turning around.

 From East Wilton—-Take the Temple Road until you reach the Varnum Pond Road.  Turn left onto the Varnum Pond Road.  Go approximately 1.5 miles until you see the four mailboxes on the left—or parked cars on the right.

 From Washington Township— Starting somewhere from Rt. 156, park your vehicle then start hiking due east, four very difficult miles through the woods, then over Varnum Mountain to the western end of the Varnum Pond Road. There is no trail.

 Coffee and doughnuts will be served up the driveway in Chuck’s garage.  This event is open to all and free to all, and no need to pre-register, just show up!  Any questions contact Patty Cormier at 592-2238 or


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