Directory of Supervisors

Somerset County Soil and Water Conservation District




Kerry Hebert

Kerry Hebert, Chair, Starks, ME

 Alan Haberstock

Alan Haberstock, Vice-Chair, Canaan, ME 

John Ackley

John Ackley, Treasurer, Skowhegan, ME

Gabe Clark

Gabe Clark, New Portland, ME

Ann Mefferd Photo 7-2016

Ann Mefferd, Cornville, ME


Board meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of  each month.

Please call Joe at the SCSWCD office for details.

Associate Supervisors

Daren Turner             Skowhegan, ME 

Jeff McCabe              Skowhegan, ME

Kathy Hopkins            Skowhegan, ME 

Jennifer Zweig            Starks ME 

Mike Bowman             Solon, ME